Professional Video Services for Your Next Case

Virtual Depositions, Meetings and Conferences

We offer the latest in Zoom Room technology, making it easy for you to connect with trial team members around the world.  We can schedule and support secure team meetings, work sessions or depositions, including booking court reporters whose special areas of expertise fit your requirements.

In recent years, Zoom has become one of the most used and trusted platforms for virtual meetings

It is secure, efficient and reduces the high cost of scheduling in person meetings, especially when geographic distance is a factor.

There are many practical benefits, including:

  • Interface with commonly used platforms in one click:
    • Google Meet
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Cisco WebEx
  • Eliminate background noise that  can lead to erroneous records
  • Easily access and use team chat, and control who can chat
  • Preload and mark exhibits
  • Seamlessly share exhibits
  • Exhibit uploads in real time
  • Stream audio, video and text simultaneously
  • Record time-stamped video and audio
  • Employ multi-language captioning to remove language barriers

Field Video Support

Some special circumstances require field or onsite video, for example “A Day in the Life” documentation.  If you have need for this service, we have reliable resources and can schedule a certified legal videographer for your assignment.