Your Link to Highly Trained Professionals

One Contact Eliminates Scrambling to Find the Most Qualified Resources

Our network of certified, independent court reporters are highly-qualified professionals with training and expertise in one or more specialized areas of legal support. Together with these well-trained “guardians of the record,” we approach every client engagement with speed, accuracy and a commitment to the utmost professionalism and integrity.

Sometimes there is no time – or the work you need to do needs to be done in a remote location. When you combine our relationships and resources with the right technology support, you won’t have to scramble, settle for a less than ideal resource, or lose precious time to tracking down the best service provider when you have other work to do. We can take that burden off your plate.

Our reporters are well versed in the most commonly used software, including LiveNote, LiveNote Stream, RealLegal and Summation.

Support for Depositions, Trial, Arbitration, and Real-time Transcription

  • Court Reporters, including those with expertise in medical, insurance, engineering and other specialized industry terminology
  • Realtime reporters for text that can be read, streamed, searched or broadcast on the spot
  • Secure conferences or meetings
    • Virtual conference/meeting scheduling for small or large groups
    • Secure conference/meeting space at our Minneapolis headquarters